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"Hi, my name is Aida and my body is beautiful, because I think it is beautiful, and no one or any type of body ideal can change that".


"Hi, my name is Cestine. My body is beautiful because I have female shapes, which I think is really hot. I think it harmonizes really well and by loving your own body you emanate it to others and then it will be possible to let others love you for who you are".


"Hi, my name is Jeanett, and my body is beautiful because it is unique".


"Hi, my name is Line, and my body is beautiful because it is me for better or worse".


"My name is Miriam. You would probably have a healthier relationship with your body if you focused on the things you like, rather than the things you do not like".


"Hi, my name is Rose-Marie. I think my body is beautiful because I have chosen to accept it as it is, which I have done for myself and for no one else".


"I have always been tiny. I've tried to gain weight. Eventually, I realised that this was me, why should I be ashamed of myself because I don’t look like everyone else? It makes me special – and that’s a positive thing".


"Us older ladies know that we are good enough regardless of what we look like! But why wait until you mature into it? You can actually make a choice!".

Iselin Bestvold

"The world has to reverse the pressure on body image, but it will take time. We can’t wait for this to happen to be satisfied, so we have to learn to be better at not caring".

Iselin Hals

"In the eyes of the contemporary society, I’m probably 15kg overweight, I have cellulite, scars, wrinkles… But do you know what? I feel fabulous!".


"I’ve starved myself, I’ve had operations, I’ve exercised, I’ve cried, I’ve run riot, I’ve been on countless diets – today I know that beauty comes from inside, and that it comes in different shapes and sizes".


"I don’t want to compare myself to others any longer, I want to look inside myself and say with complete certainty that I am good enough – I am beautiful!".