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  • Do I need a professional bra fitting every time I buy a bra?

    Yes you do! And here is why; The female body changes over time, depending on age, cycle, pregnancy, postpartum and much more. This means we go up and down in weight and naturally our bra size follows. Discover the side effects of wearing the wrong bra size and how to avoid them.

    Experience the perfect fit

    Now you know what to look out for when determining whether your old bras still fit or not. But what does a perfectly fitted bra look like? Your bra fits if it stays in place when you wear it, the belt sits straight around the torso and the cups encloses the breast properly.

    Tired of wearing a bra that doesn’t fit? Visit one of our stores to get a professional bra fitting!

    In our stores you will meet our Personal Shoppers, who are highly trained bra experts. We train our staff to ensure they can always guide you not only in finding the perfect size and fit, but also the perfect bra type. Personal service and guidance are a core part of our business, and we take pride in ensuring you always get the help you need when you visit our stores.

    Visit one of our stores today to get the guidance you deserve.

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