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  • The Perfect Fit Guide

    Know your bra styles

    Knowing your bra styles is just as important as knowing your correct size to get a bra that both fits perfectly and supports your bust and back in the correct way.

    Use our bra expert's guide to easily find out what styles that work for you.


    The balconette bra gives a light lift and creates a nice, round shape of the bust. A balconette has low-cut cups, and the straps are placed wide on the shoulders, which creates an upward lift, like a balcony.

    • Support: Light-Good support depending on bra style

    • Size range: 60C-100F

    • Function: No or thin padding, with or without wire and great lift

    • Look for these styles: Balconette, Balconette Wireless, ¾ Padded or Padded

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    The triangle bras have triangle shapes cups and comes both with and without padding and wire. The triangle bra has a very open front and will give you a deep cleavage. The wired triangle bras will give you slightly more support than the ones without. A very comfortable bra style often preferred by women with small to medium busts.

    • Support: Light-Medium support depending on bra style

    • Size range: XS-XXL

    • Function: Wireless, with or without padding and soft lift

    • Look for these styles: Triangle Wireless or Low Wire Triangle

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    A push-up bra will lift the bust upward and towards the center of your chest and thereby enhancing your cleavage. The bust will appear fuller due to the design and the padding of the cups. The push-up bra is especially good for smaller busts, but also works great for medium sizes looking for that extra lift.

    • Support: Good support

    • Size range: 60C-100F

    • Function: Great push up effect, seamless cups and multifunctional straps

    • Look for these styles: Push-Up Seamless, Push-Up Seamless & Wireless, Plunge or Adhesive Bra Push-Up

    See all Push-up bras


    Our full-support bras are designed to give maximum coverage, support, and lift. The full support bras give the bust a nice round and firm shape and make sure they stay in place, so you get all the comfort and support you need. A full-support bra is the perfect choice if you have a bigger bust.

    • Support: Maximum support

    • Size range: 60G-100J

    • Function: Light lift, no or thin padding, seamless cups and minimizing effect

    • Look for these styles: Full Support, Full Cup, Soft Moulded or Minimizer

    See all Full-support bras


    The t-shirt bras have seamless cups, which is perfect for an invisible look under tight fitted clothes. Our t-shirs bras are either padded or has moulded cups with a very thin padding. T-shirt bras are available both with and without underwires.

    • Support: Good-Maximum support depending on bra style

    • Size range: 60C-100F

    • Function: Great lift, push up effect, with or without wire and seamless cups

    • Look for these styles: Push Up Seamless, Push Up Seamless & Wireless, Seamless Padded, Stay Up Seamless, Soft Moulded or Minimizer

    See all T-shirt/Seamless bras


    The strapless bras come with a small silicone band on the inside of the bra and a broader band, which will make sure it always stays in place. The bra comes with removable straps, making it a very versatile bra. The strapless bra is the perfect bra style for underneath clothes where you don’t want your straps to be showing.

    • Support: Great support

    • Size range: 60B-85G

    • Function: Great lift, seamless cups and removable straps

    • Look for these styles: Stay Up Seamless or Strapless

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    A wireless bra creates a very natural look and is perceived by many women as the most comfortable bra. You can find wireless bras both with and without padding, as well as seamless designs and lace bras.

    • Support: Light-Medium support depending on bra style

    • Size range: XS-XXL

    • Function: Wireless, with or without padding and soft lift

    • Look for these styles: Triangle Wireless, Balconette Wireless, Push-Up Seamless & Wireless, Bra Top or Comfy Bra

    See all Bralette bras


    The self-adhesive bras have no belt or bra straps and are simply stuck directly to the bust. The bra follows your every move, so you don't have to fear that it will fall off or become loose. The self-adhesive bra molds perfectly to your bust and is comfortable to wear. The bra is easy to put on and reuse and perfect for all kinds of clothes where you want to avoid bra straps and belts.

    • Support: Light support

    • Size range: XS-L

    • Function: No straps or band, seamless cups, push-up, padding and self-adhesive

    • Look for these styles: Adhesive Bra Push Up or Adhesive Bra Padded

    See all Self-adhesive bras


    Our sports bras are designed in breathable and absorbent materials, which will keep you dry and allow your skin to breath while working out. Our sports bras offer great support and have an adjustable belt and straps with Velcro which ensures the perfect fit for your size and shape.

    • Support: Maximum support

    • Size range: 60F/65E-90H/95G

    • Function: Adjustable belt, Velcro straps and breathable and absorbent materials

    • Look for these styles: Sports Bra

    See all Sports bras

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